BetaCon + Drink N' Draw 2017 Submission Form

We've got two big events coming up in April!

First up is our big booth at BetaCon:
They're donating a 30' x 30' space on the expo floor, and we're looking for 12-16 games to showcase with PIGSquad on April 15-16. For more info on BetaCon, visit their website.

Next up is our annual Drink N' Draw:
This year we're teaming up with Patreon for one of our largest events of the year! It's an evening of playing locally-made games while artists compete in art battles or draw for fun! Game developers will be setting up their games for anyone to play,  and we invite artists to come draw "fan art" of select games on display.

Sign up now!
If you're interested in showcasing with us at one or both of these events, please complete this form. Accepted BetaCon entries are guaranteed 2 free exhibitor passes.  Additional tickets are very affordable, and can be purchased here. Tickets for Drink N' Draw are free for everyone. For both events, plan on sharing a 8' table with another team. We will have power ready for you, but internet will be unreliable so plan accordingly. Unless you hear otherwise from us, you'll be responsible for providing your own screens, computers, and controllers.

You will need to be available to demo your games for the entire event. We will have volunteers to give you short breaks as needed and assist you with other needs.

Please note:
Completing the submission form does not guarantee a spot at the event(s). We're looking for a wide range of projects and a diverse group of developers; we're also very interested in new projects and folks who have never shown with us before!


Oregon Convention Center
Saturday & Sunday, April 15-16
Expo floor times: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Drink N' Draw:
The Evergreen PDX
Friday, April 28
6:00pm - 11:00pm

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Which event would you like to showcase at? *

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

If you would prefer your own full exhibition space at BetaCon, you can contact them directly by emailing for more information.