Retro Gaming Expo 2017 Submission Form

We’re partnering with Retro Gaming Expo again this year, and this time we're doing things a little differently - we'll be hosting games in a big area inside the arcade! That means we have a bit more space and an extra day to showcase, so we're looking at hosting around 30 games total!! (8-10 each day.) This will be an awesome opportunity to get your game in front of a ton of people!

Please complete this form so we can submit the information on your behalf. We'll have 2 exhibitor passes for each accepted team, which will need to be returned at the end of the each day. If you'd like to purchase extra passes, tickets are super affordable and available here. You'll be sharing an 8' table with another team, and we will have power ready for you, but internet will be unreliable so plan accordingly. Unless you hear otherwise from us, you'll be responsible for providing your own screens, computers, and controllers.

You will need to be available to demo your games on site for an entire day, so make sure to coordinate with your team so that someone is always available around your table. Since the days will be longer this year, we will have volunteers to give you short breaks as needed.

Please note: Completing the submission form does not guarantee a spot at the expo. We're looking for a wide range of projects and a diverse group of developers; we're also very interested in new projects and folks who have never shown with us before!


2:00pm // Register and load-in
3:00pm - 10:00pm // Expo floor is open (Arcade only)

9:00am // Register and load-in
10:00am - 10:o0pm // Expo floor is open

9:00am // Register and load-in
10:00am - 5:00pm // Expo floor is open

Please complete this form by Oct. 6, 2017

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Phone Number
Which day would you prefer to showcase? *
We'll do our best to match everyone up with the day they want!
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Let us know which days you're available in case we need to shuffle preferences around!
This will appear on our PRGE landing page! (images will be resized to 300p x 300p)
We have some extra TVs, monitors, controllers and keyboards/mice available - these are first come first serve, so please let us know if you need to borrow some equipment!