Kill Screen and OUYA just announced a virtual game jam, for January 14th to January 23rd.  There is more information here:

I've have been working on a Ouya game but there is no better accountability than a team and deadlines.  I would also be interested in starting from ideation on a new game with a PIGSquad team under the constraint that we need to get something working and playable within the first weekend.   

I would love to form a team with other PIGSquad members.  Is there any interest?  What would you bring to the team?

I'll start by answering those questions:  Yes.  I am a software engineer and am familiar with both the Cocos2D Framework, Unity and Java.   I also consider myself a game designer.


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Hey Jonathan,

I would love to team up and start working on a quick prototype asap. let me know if and when you would like to meet up. Also what kind of teammates are you looking for? I'm a 3d artist (props, evironments), I have a few friends who may also be interested.

check out my site: and shoot me an email

The props and environment look great!  I was thinking of doing a planning meetup on Thursday evening.  Does that work for you?  

I can do Thursday, but I get off of work at 5. Downtown Portland is fine. Let me know what time you would like to meet up.  I have a friend that rigs and animates, who is also interested. Would you mind if I invited him to the meeting?

Please do.  We will need someone to help with rigs and animation.  

We are planning on meeting at Pyramid Brewing ( at 6PM on Thursday.  

Hey Jonathan

I'm new to Portland and would like to get in on any collaborative project possible.

My skills are EVERYWHERE, but my strengths are concept and 2D art, 3D modeling, and animation. I love fleshing out the universe and the story in it and have a keen eye for composition and unity.

Check my stuff out at and see if I can help.



Welcome Aboard.  

We are planning on meeting at Pyramid Brewing ( at 6PM on Thursday.  

The team:

Jonathan Hager - Developer / Game Designer (

Christian H. - Developer / Lead Artist (  

Tien Tam - 3D Modeler

Tien's Friend - Rigs and Animation

You (Lee) - Concept Art / Story

Keith R. - Business / Marketing


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