Hiya folks!

Since we're all such wonderful people, I'd love to get to know you all better through an introduction thread! This would be a good place to post all the specific stuff your good at/like to do so that we can find out more about each other and enlist each other's help!

So to kick it off, I'm Jackson. I'm a CompSci student, and I like making art, coding, and game design. I also like funky electronic music, going through large volumes of game design blogs, and reading books at the laundromat.

Specifically, I'm experienced in Actionscript 3.0, pixel art and animation, vector art and animation, and general game design.

I also blog and have all my games hosted on my website.

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Hi I'm Ben. 

I work in photoshop and blender mostly, and I do pixels, concept art, and models.

Currently working with my roommates who are both developers on a multiplayer online battle arena game.

I'm excited to meet people and talk about ZE GAMEN.

Hi Everyone.

My name is Tyler, I'm a software engineer in the finance world by day, and a want to be entrepreneur at night.

  I've been a development contractor, and I've ran websites for profit, with some degree of success over the years. However, I found that I couldn't really get into it, as I didn't believe in the content, nor the subject matter.  After some soul searching, I decided I want to work with something that I love, namely, video games :)

Howdy folks,

I'm Josh and I've recently started writing fun electronic music under the name FunfettiBurger on Soundcloud. Like this one: http://soundcloud.com/funfettiburger/big-dog

I also did music for an iPhone game that [as of yet] hasn't been distributed. Screenshots of that game with music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9NFJeRSYAM&feature=plcp

But I also enjoy writing a cappella choral music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pM5Qr_HB6c&feature=relmfu

One day I'd love to write music for cartoonish side-scrollers and mario kart style racing games. 

And I just moved to Portland! I'm currently on the job hunt... O_0


I'm Bailey and I am a computer science undergrad student at PSU.  I love indie games, especially Terraria, and I also got into developing them this summer when I took an open source class and developed a small indie game myself: http://code.google.com/p/mechanical-failure/

I am interested in what other projects people are working on.  I have the most experience with Java and Python.

I'm Will!

I founded PIGSquad and love working with community organizing, event coordination, public relations, and the like. I also like working on games' art, writing, music, and design, having a huge interest in interesting new gameplay mechanics, art styles, game project prompts, and storytelling in general.

I on/off share my ideas via "So There's This Game" – a YouTube project dedicated to generating crazy game names and animating a pitch that describes what those game names would entail if made into actual games. I also make videogame music under "Bullet William," am always pursuing a full game project, print t-shirts, cut die-cut vinyl stickers, and animate shorts and sprites for fun on occasion. I blog about schtuff like that at scartheatre.com.


Hi I'm Justin,

I'm an remote Art Director and Flash Animator for a Spokane based agency, Seven2 Interactive by day. By night I am a aspiring indie game developer. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Unity, C#, ActionScript, and JavaScript. I also do music and sound design.

My current game is https://www.facebook.com/monstersatemybirthdaycake which I'm developing for iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac.

I just moved to Portland about a year ago. Glad to see there is a community for this here!

Hello all,
My name is Andrew, I'm currently a graphic design student at PCC. I like to draw and paint both traditionally and with Photoshop/Illustrator. I also enjoy web design and I am getting into HTML5 and CSS3.

I create my games using Game Maker because I feel it cuts down on the time I spend coding so that I don't have to neglect my other interests.

I look forward to connecting with like minded creative folks and hopefully making some stuff together!

I'm teaching myself some Game Maker stuff right now! I'll ask you if/when I need help :P

Hey all, my name is Parker!

Just found this group earlier today and was very excited to join! I am down in Wilsonville, which is fairly close to Portland.

When I am not making games, I am doing commercial work; using mostly C# and SQL. That background made picking up XNA rather easy and my wife and I's first XBLIG game is currently undergoing the peer review process for the XBOX marketplace! (just 3 more to pass as of this posting!).

It is very exciting finding a group of fellow developers in the area, and really look forward to seeing some of the stuff you all are working on! 

Oh, and lastly - here is the trailer for our game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q5svdljk8dI

Dang, finally someone closer to me! I'm in Oregon City :P

...and cool-lookin' game..!

First of all, cool looking game that looks quite above par for XBLIG.  Second, very cool that you and your wife get to share this hobby/obsession/passion.

Hey guys,

My name is Hamid, I make web apps for living and work on Mac and iOS apps in my spare time, you can find some of my apps on my blog at http://codingrecipes.com

I'm working on a game right now, I already had an engine written in C around 130k lines but as I learned more I realized that I have to do it all over again, my game is a 3rd person flight simulator/shooter, it's an alien invasion game and I'm very excited about it. I mostly program and I buy my 3D art work.

I'm hoping to meet some of you guys soon and chat about stuff, it's hard to find people who are interested in these things and it gets frustrating sometimes...

Good luck to you all and happy holidays!


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