It will be available in March, 2013.  

Has anyone else decided to back it? It is touting itself as the new indie game console.  I've never seen a kick starter go from 0 to almost 2 million, so fast.  

I looks like next spring we will have to plan a hack-a-thon weekend around the release.

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Hackathon sounds like good times!

This console is one of the major reasons that I'm switching my focus onto game development.  I think that getting a title ready for the launch of this console is /huge/.  Even if the console doesn't sell a single unit, there will still be enough people out there with one (from the kickstarter) to justify the development of a game.

Not only that, but it's android.  I'm going out on a limb here, but i think that if you were to develop a game in any mobile SDK (say, corona sdk for example), then it will work on this console right out of the box (not to mention you'd have it running on android, iphone, nook, kindle fire, etc.

I got one with four controllers. Just in case.

This could be a lot of fun. Hopefully it'll shake up the game industry a bit. 


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