Submit to PIGZine, a comics collection about games and gaming!

Submit to PIGSquad’s NEW Comics Zine--PIGZine!

PIGZine will be a collection of comics related to games, gaming, the making of games, and the playing of games, be they electronic, traditional, and metaphorical. Artists will be YOU, YOU, and MORE YOU. Plus maybe some other people. The plan is to publish a new volume twice a year.The zine will be available for purchase for a nominal fee ($1-$2) at events. All artists who are featured in the zine will get 2 free copies.

Details for submission for Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2013)

Theme: Stuck Inside
All submissions should address the theme in relation to gaming. Submit one 8-panel story (any genre of comics including fiction, non-fiction, memoir, illustrated poetry) or a series of standalone images. Submitting to promote your artistic work is fine, as long as the work relates directly to the theme. We would like the comic to be accessible to middle-schoolers and older, so please use your discretion re: nudity, violence, and profanity. (Think PG-13, not R, and certainly not X).

8 panel comics, ¼ sheet format, black and white 
Use templates provided (

How to understand the format: The scanned format pages show you how to design your work on two 8.5 x 11 inch pages (Side A and Side B). Each page has 4 panels shown on it, for a total of 8 panels. Each panel shows which number in the sequence it will be once the pages are folded and bound (we will do that--you just submit the flat pages). For example, in the panel with the number 1 and an up arrow, that is where you would put your title panel. The arrow shows you which way is up in each panel. Page 8 should include some kind of About the Author information (a picture of you--photo, drawing, avatar--would also be welcome). You may eliminate the panel lines and page numbers on your comic as long as you find some way to indicate which panel corresponds to which page, understanding that anything appearing outside of a panel line may not copy properly. (Protip: Panels 4 and 5 can be run together as a full page spread by eliminating the panel lines. The "staple zone" shows the area of your spread that may not appear when the zine is bound.)

Mixed/all media are acceptable, but please be aware that the zine will be produced using a photocopier, so please make sure your work looks good after being copied . Sharpie or the electronic equivalent looks great. Fine detail may not copy well.

Submit your work via snail mail (hard copies of Side A and Side B) or electronically (PDF document). 

Submit to:
Editors, PIGZine
Anne Paris
14114 Livesay Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
or by emailing PDF files to:
Anne Paris or Sasha Orme

DEADLINE: Feb. 3, 2013

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Ooo good, February deadline. I'm in!

Deadline approaches!



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