Each summer, game makers get together to make a project with friends and community members in just over a week! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game jam events happening once a month this summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland and remote participants.

We hold on-site opening & closing events to define our jam timeline, then workshops & co-working sessions in between to help people get their games made! Creative themes are delivered at each opening event, and developers are able to showcase their game jam projects at each closing event and at the Summer Slow Jams party in August!

Gadgets: June 16 - 25

Make a game that doubles as a gadget! Enhance your idea for a tool or device with the things that make games great!

Performance: July 14 - 27

Make a game that focuses on an audience watching or interacting with the player!

VR/AR: Aug 6 - 22

Make a virtual reality or augmented reality game!

Upcoming Summer Slow Jam Events


Summer Slow Jams 2017 IS made possible by our Patreon members and by the following sponsors and partners: