A video by Cactus on rapid game design (think 4 hours instead of 4 days).

I was actually in Helsinki and got to see this exact talk. What you don't see is that his desktop has only 3 things; the presentation and two folders, each named "Swedish Porn" and "Finnish Porn".

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Comment by Garrett Hour on October 7, 2012 at 1:18pm

I love this. Cactus's creative genius is evident even in the slides he created for this presentation. When I play a game I want to be exposed to something I haven't before. Cactus understands this. His games are masterful works of surrealism, never making any sense, they will always give you something new and strange. Cactus forces players of his games to abandon the generally accepted laws of play which this medium has created for itself over the years. As he said, games do not always have to be fun.  Like all other arts, video games can be used to make the viewer (or player in this case) feel a vast variety of emotions. Cactus's games derive their enjoy-ability from their surrealist nature. One of the problems with video games as an art today is that they are inherently expected to be fun. Game designers like Cactus are great because they are freeing the interactive medium from the shackles of fun. Everyone has their own way of making the art that they make and I found this in site into how Cactus makes his very interesting.


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