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UnityPDX Monthly Meetup

  • The Tech Academy 310 SW 4th Ave, Suite 330 Portland, OR 97204 (map)

We want to see what everyone is working on! It doesn't matter if it's a project you just started and nobody has seen but you, or a game you made for a game jam, or a published game that's been out for a year. We want to see it!

Sometimes it can be intimidating to get feedback on a project, so what better people to show your project to than a group of artists and developers who truly understand the development cycle of a Unity project? A way to get feedback where you don't have to explain why none of the sounds work, or why that one character seems to walk backwards and turn blue every time you hit a key, or, or, or. :)

Instead of having people show things presentation-style up at the front, we'll have the room set up with tables scattered around the middle, with power strips for you to plug in a laptop. Then people can just walk around at their own pace and look at the various projects people have brought. We'll give everyone 15 to 20 minutes to get set up, starting at 6pm, so no need to come early for setup.

Again, we're not looking for finished, polished projects from everyone. We'd just like to see what people are working on. Maybe there's something you want to get help on? Maybe you're particularly proud of one aspect of your project? Whatever it is, we'd love to see it.

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