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UnityPDX Meetup

We want to see what everyone is working on! It doesn't matter if it's a project you just started and nobody has seen but you, or a game you made for a game jam, or a published game that's been out for a year. We want to see it! And what better group than a bunch of people that will totally understand if pieces aren't working, or not done, or without audio, or, or, or. :)

We'll also have a presentation from Mapbox! They'll show us how to set up a procedurally generated, world-scale, location-based app (like Pokemon Go). Mapbox brings global map data, buildings, satellite imagery, elevation to Unity in a highly flexible SDK. This makes it quick to set up maps, search and directions for your next real world game, AR application or VR simulation.

So get your projects ready to show! We can't wait to see them! :)