Games In Development

PIGSquad hosts many events where community members have a chance to showcase their games while they're being developed. This provides valuable chances for direct feedback from players and other developers. Here are just a few of the games in development that have been showcased at PIGSquad events:

Queer Quest
Queermo Games

A queer-as-fuck point-and-clit adventure game that explores the relationships which build community.

Beardo Games

A motorcycle duel or die contest.  Go head-on against your opponent in a character-rich 80's wasteland.

Crescent Loom

Construct physics-based underwater creatures and weave scientifically-accurate neural circuits in order to explore an alien ecosystem.


The Venturis Corporation wants their AI back, and you're the one for the job. Board the evacuated Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma and explore what happened to its crew by interacting with the 3D recordings they left behind.

Ray's The Dead
Ragtag Studio

Life can be very challenging when you don’t remember who you are. It’s even more difficult when you're dead….err...Undead. In Ray’s the Dead, you play as Ray, a freshly resurrected zombie with an unknown past. 

Spooky Buns

Plunge is an isometric, turn-based roguelike with puzzle elements, set for release in August of 2017 on Android, iOS, and Steam platforms. Plunge dares to ask gaming’s toughest question, “what if Pokemon sliding ice levels were actually fun?”

Super Hyper Ultra Starlight Warriors

Play as three uniquely classed magical girls and help ward off waves of enemies! A local multiplayer fueled by the power of friendship.

Sgt. Saturn
Cowboy Color

A modern interpretation of the Gradius-style side scrolling space shooter, married to a platformer run'n'gun in the vein of Contra.


RezPlz is a puzzle platformer that involves two brothers who must use teamwork to fight their way through several kingdoms while frequently having to sacrifice themselves to solve puzzles.

Anarchy Interactive

Set yourself free from the floor and experience six degrees of movement, join a match with others and see who comes out on top, or play randomly generated single player missions.

One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift

Redshift Blueshift is a lightning-paced local multiplayer paddle game in which two pilots fight to keep the hyper-ball in play while contending with obstacles and threats unleashed by their opponent!

Tiny Swords Smaaash!
Brian Wolf

A Super Smash Bros. style board game with cute monsters at your command! Choose from Mermaid, Sweet, Spooky, or Moon, then lead your team into battle. Toss your friends' monsters off the stage and win the game! It's time to SMAAASH!

Chaotic Void
Resurgam Studios

Local player chaotic space physics simulation of death!