Published Games

Check out some games made by developers in the Portland community!

It takes a tremendous amount of perseverance, time, energy, and courage to actually finish and publish a game. As the saying goes, the last 10% takes 90% of the work. That's why we're proud to showcase these games that PIGSquad members have finished, published, and gotten into the public's hands. Keep 'em coming!

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
SleepNinja Games

As so many of these things do, it all begins on a magical island. In this case, Gogapoe Island, a place populated by both humans & monsters. What starts out as a mission to get back Niko's birthday cake becomes a quest for the fate of Gogapoe itself. But, ya know, cake is still super important, too!

Mimic Arena
Tiny Horse Games

A local couch multiplayer platform shooter that focuses on high energy and quick reflexes. Up to four buddies are pitted against one another. Thankfully you will have some backup. Everything the player does, wherever they go, and where ever they fire; is recorded and then played back again as a Mimic.

Starship Rubicon

Earth has been casually destroyed by a mysterious race of space-faring invertebrates. You're a fighter pilot whose cryopod has been collected by a possibly-insane AI, who has placed you in the unenviable position of being humanity’s savior. Shanghaied and alone, you must gather the remaining human survivors and traverse the surprising biodiversity of deep space to find a new home.

Soulareus Interactive

A physics based local multiplayer game designed for up to 4 players. Invite three of your friends to compete for bragging rights and couch cred in what might be the most advanced rocket acrobatics simulation ever created! Or practice your solo piloting expertise in the tough-as-nails challenge courses that will be sure to have you throwing your controller across the room as you hone your skills.

Ship It
Think On Labs

Fast-paced block stacking VR fun! Fill a box with a variety of colorful shapes, then ship the box to earn your wage before the 'workday' is over. Designed for VR, you will enjoy physical satisfaction when grabbing blocks from the conveyor field, rotating them with you hands, then smashing them into their boxes.

Starr Mazer: DSP
Imagos Softworks, Pixeljam

Starr Mazer: DSP is a side-scrolling shoot’em up in the same vein as classics like Gradius and Lords of Thunder with a roguelike twist on the traditional lives/continues system. Players take control of a squadron of DSP pilots with different ships, weapon loadouts and voices.

Handsome Mr. Frog
Cowboy Color

Jump, lick, and spit your way through four worlds in a new-school arcade adventure starring the nominal Handsome Mr. Frog, a good looking fellow whose hat was jacked by a bunch of unattractive normies.

Laser Lasso BALL

Out there... somewhere is a drifting rogue-planet entirely covered by a massive crowd. The crowd waits in darkness for The BALL to spawn. When The BALL spawns, individuals are pulled into the arena, controlled by unseen entities to battle to the death in a frightening fast paced ALIEN DEATHSPORT.

Jackson Lango

Grab your clipboard and brush up on your social skills: It’s time to raise money on the streets for charity! Canvasser is a persuasion game, and it’s all about getting the most donations possible before the day ends. Can you sustain interest, trust, and get your town to care about Evergreen Forest before it’s too late?

Rocket Donkey

You're a walrus riding a donkey riding a rocket. Collect coins.

Lucid Sheep Games

#Breakforcist is the world's FIRST breakfast/exorcism-themed endless arcade-style brick breaker! Use your magic paddle & ball to rescue breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon "Howdy" and get paid like it's your job.

Baroque Creations

QuadraDigger is a frenetic rotating block puzzle game of speed and strategy with exciting new mechanics to tax your reflexes and improvisation.

Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!
Daylight Studios

Explore a veggie-filled universe with Cassie and Fay on their journey to rescue their grandfather! Defeat your enemies in strategic turn-based combat, manage your spaceship, and explore dozens of procedurally generated planets, stars and galaxies!