Summer Slow Jams 2019 is a wrap!
Dates and locations for 2020 are TBA.

Each summer, game makers get together to make projects with friends and community members in just over a week, and you can too! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game making events happening once a month every summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland and remote participants. Join us this summer at PIGSquad events for team forming, theme reveals, brainstorming, workshops, coworking, jamming, showcasing, and more!

Please send additional inquiries about venue collaboration, sponsoring, or participating via our contact page!

Play 2019 Games:

How to Jam:

  1. Block out your calendar to join us at the opening and closing events! It's important to meet people and share your work to make better games. If you can't make it, that's no problem - jamming remotely is okay!

  2. Consider the Technical Themes to prepare your approach. 2019’s tech themes are June: Arcade Games; July: 3-Buttons, 3-Colors; and August: “Edutainment.”

  3. Decide on your jam team by meeting people at events or online, committing to jam by yourself, or joining in the jam with a pre-made group.

  4. Challenge yourself to make a game within the dates of the jam! Technical and Creative Themes are loose. The goal is to finish something, learn new things, and meet new people. Share progress and participate in support events along the way!

  5. Share your game! Upload your game to share with other jam participants! Submission links are listed above. We'll be hosting showcase events for SSJ, but keep in mind that PIGSquad has many showcase opportunities over the course of the year and that we love helping people share their work online when we can!

More Details:

  • Participation is open to all, including people who have never made a game before, people who want to make a game alone or with a pre-existing team, and people who want to work remotely, though we heavily encourage joining us for our event dates to showcase your work and meet community members! We take our Code of Conduct seriously and allow no room for harassment during PIGSquad events or online channels, so know that you are welcome!

  • Keep an eye on the event calendar by subscribing to PIGSquad’s Newsletter and PIGSquad’s Google Calendar! You can learn more information about our opening & closing event agendas and find more events to help support you in jamming, including team forming meetups, workshops, and work sessions.

  • We have lots of opportunities to engage with PIGSquad and community members online via our social channels.

  • If you are a PIGSquad Patreon supporter at the $1 level or more, you can contribute to each jam's Creative Theme.



Summer Slow Jams 2019

Summer Slow Jams 2019 was our fifth year, bringing together developers to create 120 games based on the following themes:

  • June Arcade Jam, Creative Theme: Occult Classic
    "Make a game that follows arcade mechanics but with a unique twist, make a piece of arcade hardware to host a game on, make a game that takes place in an arcade, or make a game while adhering to software limitations of the classics!"

  • July 3-Button, 3-Color Jam, Creative Theme: One More Time
    "Make a game that limits your creative endeavors in threes! Try making a videogame that only takes advantage of 3 inputs and a limited, 3-color palette. If you're making a tabletop game, limit yourself to three available actions, card types, or board pieces. If you're making a live action game, limit your players to three choices or three behaviors. Restrict yourself as a game maker and see what comes of it!"

  • August Edutainment Jam, Creative Theme: Ancient History
    "Make a game that aims to train or educate the player on a subject matter by ‘making learning fun’ (whatever that means to you!), focusing on something new you'd like to learn and share, something unique that you know a lot about, or something completely made up!"

Special thanks to Cory and Qristy for suggesting our creative themes via Patreon!


Summer Slow Jams 2018

Summer Slow Jams 2018 was our fourth year, bringing together developers to create 75 games based on the following themes:

  • June Minigame Jam, Creative Theme: The World Is Alive
    "Start small and stay small! Make a tiny playable game loop, challenge yourself to make as many micro games as possible, make a mini game and focus on polishing it as much as possible, or make multiple small games that accent a larger one!"

  • July Location-Based Jam, Creative Theme: Urban Legends
    "Make a game with different environments, travel, and exploration in mind! Make a purely analog game that uses real world spaces, experiment with location-based AR, make a traditional videogame that focuses on bringing the player deep within the aesthetics of another place, or anything in between."

  • August Parody Jam, Creative Theme: Bootleg
    "Make a game that references or twists your favorite characters in media, make the game version of your fanfic, create something overly self-referential, express satire through gameplay, or make the bootleg fangame that you've always dreamed of! How will it feel to play Hyperlink Drifter, Super Meet Boy, or Pokemon Burnt Sienna?"

Special thanks to Brendan, Cory, and Marlowe for suggesting our creative themes via Patreon!


Summer Slow Jams 2017

Summer Slow Jams 2017 was our third year, bringing together developers to create 47 games based on the following themes:

  • June Gadgets Jam, Creative Theme: Unconventional Pets
    "Make a game that doubles as a gadget! Enhance your idea for a tool or device with the things that make games great!"

  • July Performance Jam, Creative Theme: Incomplete Instructions
    "Make a game that focuses on an audience watching or interacting with the player!"

  • August VR/AR Jam, Creative Theme: Change of Perspective
    "Make a virtual reality or augmented reality game!"

Special thanks to Cory, Wesley, and Dylan for suggesting our creative themes via Patreon!


Summer Slow Jams 2016

choose from 30 games to play from our 2016 Summer slow jams!

Special thanks to Christian, Mo, and hagen for suggesting our creative themes via Patreon!

Summer Slow Jams 2015

  • June Theme: Build a game that you can market

  • July Theme: Build a game using Twine or Scratch

  • August Theme: Build a multiplayer game

Special thanks to Bynine, picogram, and Nyssa for our Summer Slow Jams branding!