PIGSquad @ XOXO Arcade

Sept. 9, 2016 // 7pm - 1am
Festival pass required

Play some of the best of the modern indie gaming scene, with a focus on experimental multiplayer games, and meet the designers who made them. Check out the full lineup here!


Queer Quest
Queermo Games

A queer-as-fuck point-and-clit adventure game that explores the relationships which build community.

Beardo Games

A motorcycle duel or die contest.  Go head-on against your opponent in a character-rich 80's wasteland.

Super Hyper Ultra Starlight Warriors Advance
EZ Bake Games

Play as three uniquely classed magical girls and help ward off waves of enemies! A local multiplayer fueled by the power of friendship.

Frame Interactive

A Playstation VR game where you physically head virtual footballs and other odd things.

Sgt. Saturn
Cowboy Color

A modern interpretation of the Gradius-style side scrolling space shooter, married to a platformer run'n'gun in the vein of Contra.

Bum Rush
Nina Freeman

A 2-8 player car combat dating sim racing game that was made for No Quarter.

a bear's phone

A Raspberry Pi interactive art project. A bear's phone reads stories from @A_single_bear, with bear/python-twitter.

King Dudeman
Piasa Games

A 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up with sword-wielding-monkeys, bomb-throwing-monkeys, pig-riding-monkeys, and a king monkey.

PIGSquad Summer Slow Jams 2016 Collection
Portland Indie Game Squad

The Portland Indie Game Squad hosted 3 week long game jams this summer, each with a unique technical and creative theme. The entire collection has been compiled on itch.io, where you can try each project for free.